KeenKoala goes to PAX! (and some minor bookkeeping)

Big news everybody!

I will be at PAX West this upcoming weekend (9/2-9/5). If you’d like to meet me, I’ll be hanging out around the convention every day (mostly around the Bungie booth for that sweet, sweet Supremacy and store swag) and attending any of the official Bungie events open to the public (last year there was a big cosplay photoshoot outside in the gardens).

Tweet @KeenKoala or check there for updates if you wanna find me and say hi, get a business card, hug, handshake, or whatever you’d fancy.

As far as bookkeeping goes, I’ve got the site back up to date before my convention hiatus. Episodes 19 through 22 have been uploaded and each episode title on YouTube has been updated to reflect which map is in the critique to make it a little easier for you to watch on a map of your choosing.

Finally, there are only 2 days left to sign up for personal tutoring for the month of September on the Patreon. On the 1st, backers signed up for tutoring will get a link to a calendar to sign up for a timeslot that works for them. Also, I will be picking up a few goodies for backers from PAX as giveaways (foam Hunter knife, KontrolFreeks, posters), so keep an eye out for that Patron post as well!

Site Update and Patreon Launch!

Hey, just a quick update!

All Crucible Book Club articles have been slightly edited and reposted here on the site, so they will no longer redirect to the old reddit posts.  They look nice and pretty now! =3

I have also officially launched a Patreon for those who would like to support or sponsor the show, complete with a full set of rewards for patrons.  Some of these rewards include upcoming exclusive patron Q&A sessions, giveaways/raffles, and 1-on-1 tutoring!  You can find the Patreon using either the link on the menu or right


Keep sending me your videos! Right now I’m specifically looking for more Trials stuff.

Good luck out there Guardians!

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