Crucible Solo Q’ers Have No Excuse

Been hearing a lot of complaints lately about how Destiny 2’s PvP is ruined for solo players when they come across full 4’s fireteams. It’s not as bad as they think it is. Adapt, improvise, succeed.

The Touch, A Farewell Destiny Montage

Presenting The Touch, a farewell montage to Destiny. These clips span from early Taken King through the latest patch in Destiny. It’s been a great run, but I think it’s time we start looking to the future. Forward, to Destiny 2!

Getting Relentless to the Lighthouse

Boiler told Crittxr and I he hadn’t gone flawless in Y3 yet. This weekend we decided to change that. Enjoy our final match to get him to that glorious Lighthouse!

Putting On My Carry Pants

Xia asked if I wanted to play Trials with his friend, who had never played before. A couple games in he told me I should put on my “carry pants”. I am pleasantly surprised with the results.

P.S. We did end up taking him flawless on his first Trials card ever!

Fabian Strategy is Silly

Been messing around lately with the Fabian Strategy. Managed to pull this clip from my most recent flawless card. Enjoy!

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